Florida Real Estate Market – Might Be Getting Better

People are wondering if there is an improvement in the Florida real estate market. There are various views about whether it is changing or not. The recent information on this needs to be examined to know the whole truth when it comes to the Florida real estate situation. We will review some of the recent statistics as we discuss this topic.

The Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) recently reported that real estate sales are on the rise in Florida. People in Florida are evidently still purchasing homes. Yes, the national real estate on average is in a slump. But the Florida real estate is doing a bit better than it was. What is this reason for Florida going against the national norm on real estate?

The single dwelling house market report from FAR shows the sales are on an upward trend. Over March’s sales in 2008 April’s sales in 2008 were up by a huge twenty percent. That adds up to almost two thousand houses being sold, and with what is going on in the other parts of the country this is a great increase. Bringing numbers into play here in April 2008 11,200 houses were managed to be sold over March’s sales that were 9,330.Remember this is while across that nation the sale rate is still not doing well.

There are several ways of looking at this increase. The weather is year around pleasant for people to be outside in. This could be one reason for increased sales. People may be getting more educated to the fact that in this type market you have to give a bit and lower prices to sell sometimes. There is still a ways to go though for the sales to be what they were in April 2007. So the realtors work on to correct the problem.

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